Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is completely safe. We only use FDA registered, all-natural products that have been proven through countless applications to not only give great results, but also to be perfectly safe.

Each session takes 20 minutes. Typically 2-3 treatments during one appointment with 3 giving the best results to equal 1 hour.

Your teeth will definitely be whiter and brighter immediately after the treatment. Most people get very impressive results while a few get less dramatic results. Results vary from person to person depending on how stained your teeth are and your genetics. Although results may vary, the vast majority of our customers experience up to 8-10 shades of improvement after just one appointment.

Many people get results that last up to 1 yr or longer. It is best to get touch up sessions at least 2 per year due to stains to maintain your new smile.

Yes, it is advisable to drink only water up to an hour after your treatment. If you could abstain from food and drinks that are known to leave stains on your teeth for up to 48 hours that would be ideal.

 Highly Colored Food and Drinks… Red wine, oranges, orange juice grape juice, blue berries. colas, coffee and teas.