Advanced Laser Teeth Whitening

The best option to get your teeth whitened

Don’t know much about the process?

Here’s everything you need to know
Who doesn’t love to see a nice smile on your face? In fact, it’s all that your well-wishers want to see from you. Your teeth play a key role in giving you a beautiful smile. If your teeth happen to be yellow then it will not help you to get a first good impression. Not to mention that it will affect your overall appearance and personality.

Why having white teeth is an important part of the smile?

Smile is not just a wonderful expression, it’s in fact considered as a pleasing personality. However, these days, having yellow or stained teeth is not a big deal anymore as people have found ways to get their teeth whitened. Yes, you heard it right, teeth whitening services are available everywhere.

What is teeth whitening?

While there are several methods of teeth whitening available, but all the methods are effective. Of all the methods, advanced laser teeth whitening has proven to be very effective and beneficial. This special method of teeth whitening has become widely popular over since it has been introduced.

What is the procedure of laser teeth whitening?

Laser teeth whitening is generally administered in a dental clinic or office. And you can rest assured by knowing that an experienced specialist performs the treatment. Basically, the procedure begins with preparing the patient by covering the lips and gums leaving the teeth exposed. And then bleach or whitening gel is applied to the teeth. The whitening gel application process is combined with the laser light to speed up the process.  The gel is kept for 15 to 20 minutes while simultaneously keeping the light active. These two processes altogether break up the stains and discoloration of the teeth and generate a dramatic result eventually.

Why teeth whitening is necessary?

The most common reason why people consider getting their teeth whitened is getting rid of the stains and discoloration. Because all these factors make your teeth look yellow and affect your smile. Any method of teeth whitening makes the teeth a few shades lighter and bright.

Which factors cause teeth discoloration?

Factors like smoking, drinking sugary and acidic drinks, alcohol, poor eating habits, and aging cause teeth stains and discoloration.

Where to get your teeth whitened?

You can either visit a dental clinic or cosmetic clinic where teeth whitening services are provided. However, in order to receive the best service, you must visit a well-known place. In this case, you can consider visiting Radiant White Smiles of Austin. We follow the correct method and use the latest technology to perform the advanced laser teeth whitening. We have highly experienced specialists to take care of your teeth problem. If you choose us, we will make your teeth whiter and brighter in no time.

After we are done with the process, you can check the shade of your teeth to figure out whether you are satisfied or not. And if you aren’t we can arrange another session to generate the desired result.

Important note: To make the result last long, try avoiding certain foods and beverages that cause teeth stains and discoloration.